19 June 2014

high school reunion

Ah yes - 
I graduated in 1978
Lived right down the street from the high school....
And all these years no one could find me...
Guess they didn't look!
I guess to be fair- I was out traipsing around the world 
In the Army and stuff...

So now they are having a re-union
For the combined classes -
A real get-together!

Thanks, Wikipedia, for showing us that 
Some things never change!

And Guess what the #1 concern is??
You probably already know -

Everyone is concerned with how they look!
(pic from PSGM)
Of COURSE they are!

I was the lead in the HS musical

And Sherri was Valedictorian

When I was in high school
I thought I was so heavy with my (men's) size 28 pants!

So all week long, its 70's music
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You can thank me later!


  1. Great pics!! :) Hope you have a fantastic reunion! My 25th is coming up in a month.

  2. It's the season for reunions!!! My 35th (I can't believe that!!!) was last weekend - didn't make it though. Perhaps next year!

  3. I've been surprised at how many comments from our fellow students have mentioned weight concerns as we get ready for this weekend!

    1. Oh, and in case David Seida should be reading, I was Salutatorian. :)

    2. so I was I, Miss Sherri! In any case, we rock... :)

    3. Haahaa - I remember that - sorry about the fox pass!

  4. Loved the pics! I really enjoyed the wee one rocking out! Foreigner forever!

    Have a great time…I am sure everyone will recognize those fantastic dimples!


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