15 June 2014

fresh or frozen

The George Forman Grill is a big hit

Except...  the Atkins Diet is not really a LowFat diet
And the grill drains away so much of the fat ... 
Guess it is best to add back some Butter 
Or Bacon! 

Or else it tastes like a pressed school lunch burger...
And we all know how good THAT is...

Low Fat AND Low Carb is not a good place for me, personally
And about a gazillion other LC/HF people!

Bubba Burgers
Kinda look like the State of Texas

We did a side by side with Fresh Butcher Shop Patties
And Frozen

The Fresh won (of course)
But the Frozen is more convenient.
Of course.

Good to shop for Fresh, but keep Frozen 
Just in case...

Same with Butcher Shop Hot Dogs
They are MUCH better than what you get in the store

Jalapeño Mustard
Gor-Met Fanfare for the Common WOE -Man
*way of eating*

Had so much energy left-
I helped Sherri paint.

Its all fun and games till this - 

Still was wound up -
So I redid my pantry...
I don't have many canned things -
Mostly Fresh - So it's nice to have
A place for appliances and bulk items.

Did some late night jamming'
Also nice...


  1. Wish I had some cool blue glasses like those! And I should have looked like I was in more pain with that nail "through" my finger! Thanks for the help with the paint, my friend. Putting the hardware back up today, and I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  2. I do add butter sometimes to the meat we cook on the grill. It is just so easy to use. I'm also spoiled for fresh meat. I don't like frozen patties at all, even though they are more affordable.

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  4. ok I removed my other comment because I was on my wrong account but my name is still showing up. Sigh. Anyway, I want a hamberger.

  5. Love my Foreman grills too!! Oooh...must have a hamburger soon... wow, looks so good!!! And how much fun is it in preparation?? I love how you've compared fresh to frozen. I like sweet potato fries--and I know fresh cut is much better than the bagged frozen kind--but sometimes convenience is more important or what's needed in the moment, at least.. Great post!!


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