13 June 2014

up and down

Hello - My name is Anne -
And I am a Carbo-holic

I normally fluctuate about 5 - even 10 pounds 
From month to month - Season to season...

I have gained 20 pounds - in like a month --
And when I saw a picture of myself in profile - 
I instantly went to work.
I have now lost back 10 of the 20 pounds I gained.
And I am closing in fast on the other 10!

Dr Atkins Quote of the Day

Back to Basics - a snack of cheese and summer sausage
Since I can't use the fridge or microwave much at work

Keep the good stuff on hand -

Can't blame the full moon -
Except maybe my fuller moon (hehehe)

Love the butcher shop -
It's good to have friends in Moo places
And it's good to know that I/we
Backed the RIGHT Horse!
(So to speak)

Now they say that fat is not the enemy!
Even Dr Oz is having butter in his coffee.

So with no shame in my game (plan)
I am trudging onward and downward -
And really kinda looking forward to a better 
Life of Maintenance!


  1. My name is Kimberley and I too am a Carbo-holic…and that's all I have to say about that.

    You are my inspiration!

  2. I'm a carboholic too. Tackling the beast as I type. I wish we had a butcher shop around here. I love some unadorned meat.

  3. Tomorrow starts right now..:) OMG I'm happy about the butter after spending hours reading margarine labels

  4. That butcher shop is awesome! Can't wait to go back. Your full moon paired with this Friday the 13th seems to be working splendidly for you! You have not looked better in the last year!

  5. Loving your attitude, perspective and your CHEESE!! ;)

  6. Just when I think I've blown it completely I realize the path in front of me is yet to be forged. Thanks for this post; I've been struggling and it's time to get back.


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