02 July 2012

my week in pictures

Yeah well... 

A couple of these

Here and there... In - N - Out

Still love the frothy coffee with the
MCT oil and the cream and butter.
They call it bullet-proof for a reason!

Protein powder - isolated whey... 
I add a package of good old-fashioned Knox gelatin...
for de nails... they grow so strong and fast now -
I need a manicure!

Yummy still

Makes for a happy day

Must be summer !
Up next - how to maintain while working 2 jobs!


  1. Looks like in & out burger is delivering a smile with its service; brilliant!


  2. Are you working two jobs so you can save for the next big vacation?

  3. Awww you look so happy and relaxed!!

  4. In and out is my favorite burger joint! Next time, have one on me, please! Hold the cheese though!

  5. Have a happy 4th Anne! There will be bacon on the barbie wrapped around jalapenos filled with cream cheese at our outing will think of The Carb Trpper as they sizzle! (In and Out-love it Animal style btw)


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