28 June 2012

hot days

With start with some Food Porn stuff....
BBQ Brisket and Pulled Pork

Had some BBQ sauce with it.... 
My Blood Sugar did this!
Then after about 3 hours it was in the 90s.
Tried some more meat - this time, no sauce.
Blood sugar was in the 80s.
Better not indulge, eh?

It's hot here....  How hot, you ask?

160 inside the truck... in the sun.
I dropped CrossFit for the summer....
Too damned hot to even try.

I am finally back on my walking schedule.
I work two jobs now, and when I was first adjusting 
to it all (story to follow - one day)
I just ate, slept, and worked.

Time for new clothes...
My best "dress-up" shirt
makes me look like a homeless person!
Clothes falling off... I'll take it!


  1. hot! and cute in those too-big clothes. Get something that fits, you!

  2. Oh how I laughed at orphan Annie. In a good way of course.

    I hope I can show a photo like that one day.


  3. I am not a big fan of the heat :p

  4. My clothes are fitting better, but falling off? Not yet...soon :)

  5. You better walk yourself right into some new clothes Miss A!

  6. I've decided if I can ever afford a personal chef you'll be my first choice :)

  7. The plate is sooo tempting. Just don't bring with you the "meter stuff" with you it will surely ruin your appetite. :) Just don't overindulge please.

    Ed Butowsky

  8. No sauce. CHECK. Meter check. CHECK. Smaller clothes. Oh yeah. Tiny Annie. yep... that shirt's gotta go. Time for shopping.

  9. Really hot here too toots!
    I would eat meat with you any time :)

  10. haha... you homeless looking person---get yourself some clothes that fit that smaller body! :)


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