15 July 2012

down to busy-ness

OK. The dog sitting is done...
The laundry is done....

And I am hitting a stride in the massive amount of hours 
I am working this summer.
Two jobs!

A tad of gluten.... LC wrap.... meh -
Food is fuel - I had better upgrade!

Still doing ok.... but gotta watch the Omega 6's.
Far far too many in the form of nuts.
And that is nuts. Just nuts!

Even for Mixed Nuts - with OUT peanuts...
That's a lot of Omega 6. (This is 100 grams... about 3 ounces)
With peanuts, the same amount is about 13 grams of Omega 6. 
Yuk. Inflammation City!

The protein powder is a "go"
And I have times in my schedule for walking,
lifting, and cooking. All are key to my maintenance.

My little soul is still intact.
I was certain I had sold it -
Or lost it. *phew*

Rained here the other day...
Even made a double rainbow!
Whatever does it mean!


  1. Glad to see you've surfaced! Haven't we had some amazing skies this week? Even I stopped to take a couple of pictures - which never happens!

    Wishing you a good week ahead, Anne.

  2. Been missing you around here. Glad to know you're just busy. Killing me with that bunless cheeseburger. Is that bacon?? Oh!

  3. Macedamians (sp?) Are just about all monounsaturated, but I have to dump something off at the pawn shop to be able to afford them.

  4. IN & Out Burger needs to pay you for your advertising... or provide you free food for life.


  5. That last picture took my breath away. I've been missing you but then I haven't been around much myself. *hugs to you*


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