21 July 2012


Visiting lots of Cathedrals lately

They are beautiful and quiet...
A great opportunity to think

Chicken Salad

My beloved wrap from In-N-Out

Getting some work outs in
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and I think:
"I am tiny!"
Most times I see myself as not tiny at all.

Some cheese - but hey - what cha gonna do, eh?
I never was anti-cheese

La Weenie for brekkie

Lots of take-out brisket
Toss the sauce and you are good to go

Wraps and stuff

Shrimp and stuff

The thing that sucks about a LoCarb diet is that it is 
basically a one way street.
Not much going back. It works... yes...
But you can't go home again.
No more ice cream and cakes and goodies.
Maybe - forever! 
You gotta watch carb creep.
It happens to "famous" bloggers...
And simple bloggers like me.

A cloud canyon in beautiful Uptown/Downtown Dallas

My body shape is changing...
Prolly lost some of the 9 pounds of Muscle
I gained in Cross Fit...
Clothes still fit... but I feel 
I am on the edge of that slippery slope..
Time to take it to the next level?
(She said with a grin)


  1. It can even happen to non-bloggers! LOL!

    Slippery slopes and carb creep. Scary stuff.


  2. Weird, that shifting self-perception. I have it too.

  3. I love visiting cathedrals for some unknown reason. I find them lovely and peaceful. Shifting self-perception in a real issue for me too, but I think that's the nature of human beings. We have to keep regrouping and refreshing our world.

  4. Next level is the place to be... Bring the shrimp with you!


  5. I am in awe of your carb free dedication!
    I doubt I could do it.

  6. it's like once we have changed our lifestyle there is no going back.... sigh sometimes I miss french fries, but I remind myself of 220 pounds and a SKIN tight size 18, and poof the cravings are gone!

  7. All of those foods look so good. It sounds to me like you're doing a great job on your weight loss program.


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