05 July 2012

a fourth

It's not really Zero Carb

Unless it really is Zero Carb

The Chocolate Wine was a hit on the Cruise...
The new trend is wine has got to be "un-oaked"
Where the wine is made in stainless steel vats, instead of wood.
Less splinters that way, too!
Rolling on the floor laughing

Dogs days at In -N- Out

A wrap - "protein style"

A Flying Dutchman - with onions
I called In -N- Out and asked about the PUFA's.
By law, they are not required to test them...
BUT they don't use seed oils when cooking the meat.
So the PUFA's are bound to be low.

So this is an 85 gram ground beef patty

And this is American Cheese -
I would rather make my own and add Cheddar...

The neighbors had a 4th of July cookout and after party....
Seems no one drinks wine, so we all grabbed
cups and jars and what-not (reckon)
And made a toast - I got the measuring cup!
Party smile

Made a few late night skype calls!
Winking smile

And watched the fireworks -
It looks a little like a transformer "aslpoding" here...
The moon was really pretty - great night!
Hope yours was great, too!


  1. My fourth was healthy and calm. I read two books and took it easy. Life has been so busy lately. Today, back to busy. Sounds like a nice neighbor gathering and we all have the same reason to celebrate: Freedom.

  2. that's the best gathering of 'wine glasses' ... brilliant!! simply brilliant!

  3. After a little wine I start to see transformers blowing up too.


  4. Chocolate wine?! I may have to drink wine!

    Glad you hear you had a nice celebration. LOVE that photo of you on the skype call.

  5. Got right up under our display, felt the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! like lightning bolts too close, or the neural synapsis after a tb of mct oil on an empty stomach, BOOM!

  6. Its the first july 4th I didn't polish every food on sight. Thanks to Roca Labs Formula. My foood intake was cut down in half

  7. I am new to the low-carb lifestyle...your blog is full of meal ideas, thanks!

  8. What a luverly evening!!! I especially like the wine glasses!!!


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