13 July 2012


Hit a snag in my soon to be classic
"Summer of Working Two Jobs"

I keep the eating very very clean...
BUT if I deviate ever so slightly, boom!
Not good.

Had a headache that would not go away.
So I peeled off for one shift...

Turned on the TV, and watched movies all day!
James Bond, Black Swan, Dragon Tat, 
And some good old Arnold.

So, back to work - 
Strap on the feed bag, and put the blinders back on

And cuddled up with my lovely Boi Friend...
He is a cuddler! And took my headache away.
He name is Reggie and he's a Luv!
He's borrowed though;  not mine to keep.
Crying face


  1. Have missed your quirkiness.

  2. Clean eating is the goal for me.
    Lack of setbacks is what I’d like to see. 

    Ass not spreadin’ out so far and wide.
    Keep on workin’, and quit eatin’ food that’s fried.

  3. You are busy, but be sure to take care of yourself, Anne. Your Boi friend is a doll!

  4. Verse 2:

    At home is where I want to be
    Cuddling Reggie--it's a he, not she
    I just adored this little break
    Cuz Dah-ling though borrowed he cured my ol' headache!


  5. Black labs are soooo adorable...... when they aren't chewing up your baseboards...lol! He looks like a lil' cherub!

  6. Glad the headache is gone - ouch. Oooh that first pic looks TOTAL YUMMO!

  7. Nice that you were able to rest, relax and recuperate. Jack and Loretta got it goin' on!!!

  8. I like your borrowed boifriend! lol

  9. Encore! Bravo! Brava!
    Yep - I lurve me some Reg!


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