17 July 2012

grrrrrr and yes!

At first I was all like *Grrrrrr* 
And now I am all like *Yesssss!*

I am really now sure how this "stress stuff" works,
But for now, it is finally working for me... not against.
The right vitamines help, I think.
And drinking lots of water!

I do love my protein powder...
Not *real* food, but it's ok for now.
When you work alot, you sometimes 
can't stop and cook each meal, each time.

Found a brand that only has coconut milk and water.

Yummy LoCarb stuff...

Ready for the close up?

Pants are a-falling off... that's good!
These are the mediums...
Smalls next, maybe?


  1. Mmmmm...your burger looks so good! That's what I had for breakfast. I see small in your future for sure! :)

  2. I heard this was the place to come see someone with their pants off. Imagine my disappointment to see just that they might be falling off. Perhaps next post?


  3. Burger looks so good...time for new pants!


  4. To be able to eat that burger and go down in pant size? There is a God! Congrats Chica!


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