26 July 2012

a nice stride

Found a little park with a Frank Lloyd Wright building...
Turtle Creek - this is the Dallas Theatre Center

Lovely little foot bridge

Took a walk around in the 107 degree heat
and ate my In-N-Out Flying Dutchman
Not much to look at, but it sure was good!

Very pretty

Kinda hot - too hot for me!
My two jobs are going great....
8 weeks + into it, and I am finally
hitting a comfortable stride!

My beautiful city - Dallas!
This will either be my best summer ever...
Or the worst summer ever...
Sure is the busiest, at least!


  1. I love reading your blog. Hey do you ever eat low carb bread?
    Today is day #11 for me LoCarb/Wheat free/Sugar free.
    I would love to have a sandwich and don't care much for a lettuce wrap.

  2. Free the animal richard nokley just published an egg/macedamean nut butter bread that looks amazing! Thats one low carb bread Im willing to try.

  3. 107F heat... I'd be swimming in ice cream, with sprinkles of course.


  4. Good for you to find time for a little walk in a pleasant place, especially as busy as you are working two jobs.
    It was over 100 degrees here for awhile but yesterday was almost a shock to have temps in the high 80s. People were out an about enjoying the drop in the heat.

    Almost a year for me to be wheat free/gluten free and feeling so good. Maybe I should write a post when it is a year and make comparisons. I haven't been measuring or keeping track, I have just been so happy to feel well. Yesterday I was just going to try on some shorts at the bottom of the pile that I hadn't been able to wear in a couple years, and they were so comfortable I wore them all day.

  5. Love me some FLW. Great pics!


  6. That is a pretty little park. I've been to Dallas a few times and alwyas got hopelessly lost.


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