07 July 2012

stone the crows

Ahi Tuna at RockFish

Biggest Salad Ever


Here at the Lovely Hotel Indigo

The wall in the room was a giant cable-knit sweater!

The view outside was nice - of a wall here!

Becky and I went to see Joseph
And the Amazing Technocolor DreamCoat - 
yes - again!

It was just great fun!
I loved getting out and about!
Busy times this summer.
VERY busy - not too busy... 
Just right!


  1. Glad you had fun, Anne. I love the walls in the hotel room but I have always loved cable knit.

  2. It was a really great time! The show was amazing. The food was outstanding. The company was brilliant. TWO thumbs up.

  3. Never Seen It. Your food pics make me go YUM!

  4. I'm glad to see you got to have a fun and relaxing time.
    And butter for Dessert... too funny!

  5. Fun, fun, fun! I really like the big chair...looks comfy. JosephX2...nice!

  6. The chair is amazing! I wish one of those could fit in my apartment lol

  7. SOOOOO FUN. sign me:

    a little jealous :-)

  8. Hi Anne, glad to see you back and posting regularly. Hope all is good with life.
    It sure looks like you out having fun!
    Take good care, xoxo jj

  9. I love the chair!Looks amazing! and also the foods.. Thanks for sharing. ;)


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