03 July 2012

onward and something or other...

A little of this

A little of that

Some new Vitamins


More meat

The Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out

Except for the bolt sticking out from my head,
I am just fine. Fine, I tells ya!


  1. We need a little of "this" around my place.

    And I guess it's better to have a bolt on your head than nuts. ;)

  2. Love the meat and the bolt!!!

  3. Rain!? Sounds like you're in for a muggy 4th. Hope you have a nice July 4th anywhoo.

  4. Looks like good protein in the photos. I dislike buns and rolls so much now that I don't even like to see them. I have some wheat free/gluten free burger buns that the local burger joint said they will keep in their freezer for when I come in there with my friends and I can have a "regular" burger like my friends.


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