03 August 2009

still at it *and a happy birthday*

a process, not an event

I am amazed at how much time and energy it takes to get the "simple" things done.

Deep in my heart, I have to ask myself, "Why can't I stay up all night blogging and still get things done like a mad woman?" :D

I'm thinking there's a weight-loss metaphor here.

Things take time. . . .

It's all about the maintenance. . . .

One good choice at a time. . . .

It's not easy, but it is simple. . . .

Keep your real goal in mind. . . .

Yes, one little-bitty "treat" does matter. . . .

Is it really about the treats? (The tweets - yes!)

So it's back to flaming salads for me...

I guess you could say I'm eating "lite" these days!

I'm surprised the oily dressing didn't spontaneously combust!

If it's on a square plate, is it a square meal?

Be sure and tell Karen at *FiTCETERA* Happy Birthday - sans the cake!


  1. lol....I had to look twice!!

  2. er, coconut flour pancakes with candles maybe??

  3. right! with sf syrup and peanut butter/cream cheese on the side!

  4. A process, not an event - I love it!

  5. You know I had to look twice too, hilarious

  6. I saw that & thought it must be for Karen!

    Square plate - square meal: Genius! I bet you could write that up & sell a book. People will try anything you know. ;)

    Have a great day!

  7. LOL at your photo too! Mmmm, tasty looking, er, salad.

  8. Love the candles! That looks like cut up artichoke hearts. Mmmmmm, artichoke.

  9. haha. This is too funny. Love the pic!

  10. Terrific post. Love the "cake".

    One my way to say happy b-day to Fitcetera.


  11. No salad - flambe or other wise - would be complete without the avacado! Plus it helps to hold the candles up!

  12. Karen Avocado Cake! She's lit folks!
    WE ARE THE CAKES! The rest is the icing!
    I'm pretty sure that's a kitty shadow puppet.
    square plate = square meal ~~ does NOT = a square girl but a COOLKITTYKATGIRL! (in pink cause that apparently is how we can all get along!)
    THANK YOU! This is beyond precious!

  13. The last time I saw a flaming salad involved a pilgrimage into the desert with a "medicine man". Or was that just a dream that I had after watching "The Doors"? Hard to say.

    Thanks for always making me smile and being such a positive influence on all those around you, Anne.

    I raise my glass of mineral water and toast you!

  14. And I toast you! "Ya'll" if ya'll are from Texas!
    Everyone of us!

  15. It's not easy but it is simple...it's not easy but it is simple...it's not easy but it is simple...it's not easy but it is...it's not easy but it...it's not easy but...it's not easy...it's not...it's...worth it. No check that...I'm worth it.

  16. Thanks for the reminder...it is a process. A process made up of thousands of choices. Till it becomes a lifestyle.

    Simple, but not easy is the perfect way to describe it.

  17. You are so sweet to make Karen a cake. Some salsa would make a nice icing!

  18. I've never heard of a flaming salad! What is that?
    (p.s. thats not my dog, LOL, its my friend Betty's dog Koda, they arent low carbers just old friends from my other blog)

  19. oh so wise anne, oh so wise. Love the flaming salad!

  20. Did you make the salad yourself, Anne? LOL I love that. You're like a poet ... a visual poet.

    I guess i need square plates ...

  21. A candle-light dinner salad. How ROMAINE-tic!


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