24 August 2009

3 guys go to a hotel

3 guys go to a hotel.

They ask the hotel manager "How much for one room?"

Manager says "$30. That's $10 bucks for each guy." 10+10+10=30

They go up to the room.

Manager says "I made a mistake! The room is $25, not $30!"

Manager gives the bell hop $5 and says

"Take this five bucks up to the 3 guys."
Off goes the bell hop with the $5.

But the bell hop guy is a little dishonest, and scoffs,

"Hmph! $5 divided by 3 guys? No freakin' way!"

The bell hop takes $2 and gives each guy back $1 each. 1+1+1+2=5

He says "Hey, guys, uh, the room is $9 a night, not $10 each.
So here's a dollar back for each of youse."

So now each guy has paid $9 each 9+9+9=27

And the bell hop kept $2 27+2=29

Where is the other dollar?
They started out with $30

This is why I don't weigh.


  1. I am confused. This is why I don't weigh.

  2. Because it never comes out right. There's always something unaccounted for - something unexplainable.
    At least for me. Another perfect weight loss metaphor!

  3. I've got it! Not the answer ... the dollar! Figure that out all you math geniuses! Muhahahaha!

  4. LOL....Very clever!!! I figured out how Harry/JP has it....lol

  5. What kind of shenanigans are these boys up to anyway?

  6. I know, right?
    All they got was a lousy dollar.
    And couldn't even keep that.

  7. My little brain doesn't work so well this early in the morning. Oh, who am I kidding. It doesn't work so well at any time of the day.

  8. OK. From a different perspective, the manager has $25, the bellhop has $2, and the men in the room get $3. That equals $30.

  9. Exactly!
    It adds up one way, but not the other...

  10. Good thing I drank green tea this morning. I finally got it but not as quickly as JP did I'm sure!

  11. goal is improved body compostion, weight loss isn't too important to me, plain n simple :)

  12. You make me laugh! Thanks for your comment today. Don't worry! Eat happy! Loved it!

  13. Math makes my head hurt. LOL And I was considered the math whiz of grad school - only cuz I could add. LOL

    I know some people enjoy the number crunching of getting healthier, but it's like homework to me.

  14. Oh gosh, this hurts my head!!! Bad math, BAD MATH!

  15. I will consult my live-in math genius and get back to you:-)


  16. I don't get it either, will discuss it with my dad. Can't let an unanswered riddle remain!

  17. Why 27+2?
    It should be 27-2 = 25.

    The way this old riddle is worded is misleading.
    You start with 30, substract 3 and then add 2.

    - Eli, IL

  18. My point exactly!
    You look at it one way...you get one answer.
    You look at it another way, you get a different answer.
    Non-linear logic, etc. Think out side the scales!
    Unfortunately, we think this way, more than we think we do!


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