30 August 2009

a real cliffhanger

These came to me via email.
Things aren't always what they seem.
It only *looks* impossible!

From a different perspective,
it's not so far - after all.


  1. I agree, I sure would not want to be on those cliffs, I will do,doing, done on the ground. lol. Hope you are well.

  2. Cinner - only "so-so" but thanks for asking.
    (and I don't even "sew" so that's something right there!)

  3. Man, I would not want to be up there - either as a jumper, or a photographer. Amazing pictures.

  4. did someone chopper them in? how does one get to a place like that? i get nervous in heavy traffic now so, i think my repelling days are about over. great pics anneh!

  5. Holy crap...from any perspective it seems insane. I won't be there. I have enough of a thrill getting on my scale today.

    Another Monday weigh in. Scary enough for anyone.

  6. I must say, no cliff jumping for me. I love your perspective though. Once we've arrived here, maybe the next question is where do we want to jump?

  7. Not in a million years! My feet are firmly planted and and the ground, at sea level :-)

  8. I have to say that no matter the perspective, no way would I be up there! lol

    However, I agree with your point. Perspective can make all the difference in our lives.

    Sorry to hear only 'so-so'. Wishing you a great week. :)

  9. It makes me shake to watch someone else do it. Never, never, never in a million years would I be standing on that.

  10. Just another day at the office ...

  11. Thanks for all of your concern - just too, too, busy at work.
    You know, that old chestnut!

  12. Once again great post, gosh these are awesome photos. But where? was the photographer?flying?

  13. Thanks, ya'll!
    I typed in "photographer in the grand canyon" after I got the email.
    And the last picture came up. They were really just a few feet off the ground. Looks worse. It always does!


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