24 August 2009

say hello to my "littler" friend

100 pounds gone!

Today I would like to give a 'shout out' to a blogger who has lost 100 pounds so far, since January 2009! His menu posts always look great.

It's good when we can show support for each other! Losing 320 pounds/140 kg

Also, I saw this on some *cool kid's* web log and wanted to share it with a "narrower audience."
"Web log" is where the word "blog" comes from, by the way.


  1. hi anne, that is amazing isn't it, and since January, There is no place to leave a comment on his blog, just awesome for him. Great job. Your blog is fab. I don't know where you come up with some of your ideas, but they are great.Take care and thanks for your support.

  2. I love the where the hell is Matts! I hadn't seen this one.

    Okay, 100 pounds since January???? Are you kidding me? How does someone do that? And, I'm jealous because this week, my scale didn't budge. Didn't go up, but it didn't go down, either.

    100 pounds in 7 months? How do you do that?!

  3. Hello cinner and Holly! Thanks Anne for the shout out. Well, to simply answer your question I kicked out bad "Carbs" and I try to eat good protein and fresh veggies and the most important thing.. I have only cheated once and it was nit even a binge :) You can look through many of my meals on my blog. o.O and I only weigh once a month as I find getting on the scale toooooo stressful..LOL

  4. oh my god. are you effin kidding me?? how is that possible without taking a knife to a limb? lol

  5. Where the Hell is Matt is all kinds of Happy, innit?

    wow, congratulations to Low Carber!!! Once a month weigh-ins ... did you hear that? :D

    Hope your day is Happy, too, Anne!

  6. Oh my and a cutie patootie to boot, too.
    And a home renovator ... I'm in lurve.

    He is Yellow.
    and I am green about his new kitchen.

  7. The cool dancing guy video was from Mary at A Merry Life. http://amerrylife.com/
    Don't know how to link back to Twitter. Thanks Mary.
    Cinner, IF you double click the video it takes you to YouTube. There you can see the original and also related vids.


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