07 August 2009

bedrock anthem

Bedrock Anthem by Weird Al

I pity da fool that taught me how to embed video!
(oops! that was me!)

About the "ghost clown" pictures from yesterday's post....
They are notoriously hard to capture on camera!
Sometimes hard to see - how would you really know?
(might be your "wireless" connection!)

They say things like "Oh! this makes my butt look huge!"

"Will you put that damn camera away before I break it!"
(I get that alot)
"Hurry, take the picture while I'm sucking it in!"

"But I AM turned sideways!"

"This will be a good 'BEFORE' picture! *sigh*"

"Five bucks for a Corny Dog? What - are you kidding me?"

"Again with the Roller Ghoster?"

"Look at you, checking out the zombies again!"

"Funnel Cake and a Diet Coke, please."

"No more Boo's....you've had enough!"

Ghost Riders In The Sky

Ghost In The Machine


  1. Funnel cakes and Diet Coke - breakfast of champions. BTW, I sent you an email with a link to a hotdog stand here in CO that you might enjoy. Cheers to a great weekend!

  2. LOL at yesterday's pics (imagining tumble weed candyfloss) and even more LOLs at today's video. Another gem!

  3. It's kind of sad empty, isn't it??

  4. omg your cracking me up... i am turned sideways HAHA

  5. Anne that was hilarious,,and if that songs stays in my head girl all day...Lord yubba,yubba....Have a great weekend. This was a fabulous post. I am usually not a weird Al fan.

  6. Anne, you must not be in Texas where you could order:
    --Fried Twinkies with a side of fried coke (for real, fried coke won a prize at the Texas State Fair in 2006!)
    --Fried snicker bars
    --Fried mac and cheese on a stick
    --Fried moon pies
    and, drum roll please.....
    --Chicken Fried Bacon.
    BTW, corn dogs are clever. If they were the perps they never would leave their stand behind. Or would they?

  7. I love Weird Al--he's so delightfully weird!

  8. mmmm fried twinkies, foot long corny dogs, funnel cakes ,,,to a low carber, this is like the carnival of insulin resistent lost souls , bra ha hahahaaaaaa.. lol.

  9. Flinstones were the original lo-carbers, I'm pretty sure.
    Yabba Dabba Do lo-carb.

    Corn Dogs love their behinds. It *is* what they *stand* for.

  10. I have not figured out how to embed video. :( I'll come bug you next time I try.

    Weird Al is always great fun.

    I want one of those waterbuffalo hats.

  11. i love weird al!
    and funnel cake.
    but cant have that anymore, unless I can fry up some oopsie roll dough...

  12. Oh Oopsie rolls, they got me through many a days on low carb.


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