08 August 2009

hands-free cell phone

This "hands free" cell phone holder works well for driving, or blogging.

Just don't try it with tape.

Trust me, you'll have chills when the tape comes off. Not the good kind.

Check the date today!
August 8th... Ate Ate..... :D


  1. Wow if i ever start wondering around town with one of those on my head, just call 911!!

  2. Interesting concept. Doubt I'll be trying it soon, tho'.

  3. Why was 6 afraid of 7?
    Because 7 8 9.

  4. Again with the string! What, are you kidding me?

    Only if your cell phone WORKS Anne!
    and NOT when you're driving AND blogging. That would be wrong...

    Ate, ate ... you were skin and bones!

  5. Anne, I am not a cell phone lover, especially if you have to tie it to your head or tape it. Ouch! Have a good weekend my friend.

  6. I just wear the bluetooth adapter cuz I like talking out loud to myself and it makes it look like I'm on the phone.

  7. HMMM...wonder if these folks were subjects in a "do cell phones cause brain tumours" study? If so, are these taken "before" or "after"? Or maybe they are simply avid MacGyver fans.

  8. Now I love to talk on the phone, but that's taking it to the extreme! lol

    ate ate...lol!!!

  9. im with jack, i just turn mine off,( keeping it on as if i would actually get a call would be self flattery) , then im free free to chit chat with all the lovely voices in my head,,weeeee. :)

  10. I'm allergic to tape so I never tried that :D

    LOL @ jack & rachel421 - guess I'm full of self flattery - I leave mine on and it never rings? What's up with that?

  11. Crazy world. I assumed that everyone just affixed their cell phones to a football helmet like I do.

    Strange days indeed.

  12. I'm with Jack...I swear people are just talking to themselves & wear the Blue Tooth so they don't get carted off to the looney bin. ;)

    Ooh Laa Laa, the rubber band is tres chic!

  13. lol I'm such a dork 'Blue Tooth'.
    I need my coffee, sigh.

  14. What a hoot! People do the strangest things sometimes.


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