17 May 2009

cleaning out the closet

coming out of the closet

A PBS money show once had a caller who was told that if she had debt, she probably had a weight issue. Ten pounds for each $10k of debt.  And lots of junk in her closets at home. 

I wonder if this is universally true.  I wonder if keeping pounds is an equivalent of keeping junk in storage. Do they always go together? Or debt, financial or otherwise. Maybe a debt to the past. Or to ourselves.

I like Atkins because he doesn't go into all the psychology of "how did this happen?" and all that. He mentions it, and it might be worth a mention.

The often quoted book  A Course In Miracles says that "The past is gone. It can touch me not."  Well, the past is gone. Yet it seems to be all around us, every minute of everyday, leaving a trail of evidence around like a bad boyfriend (or girlfriend) would leave dirty shoes and dirty plates all around the living room!  The Course also says "Forgive the past and let it go, for it is gone."

So I finally had the time and the energy to clean out the closet.  I "just did it!"   It took two days, and a couple of trips to Goodwill.  I didn't really focus on the reasons why.  I just got busy.

I gave away everything I hadn't used or knew I would never use.  I gave away all my carbs! I just changed my mind about all the things that once were important. And then cooked for myself a London Broil from Sam's Club. It was the best food I had ever eaten. 

Things take time. Cooking, cleaning, planning, organizing, working out. Maintaining it all once you finally get it. Sharing ideas and sorting out all the junk - especially the mental junk. 

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