28 May 2009

coconut oil

sharing is carin'

...as Barney says. So thank you for all your blogs and menu posts on the awesome-ness of coconut oil!

This is "preaching to the congregation" for those of us who know, but in case you don't....

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (mct.) These are technically a fat, so they don't call forth insulin. But the body uses mct's almost as it would use a carbohydrate since medium chain fatty acids don't require bile for digestion. But they are not a carb. The result is ultra fast energy! And weight loss, as some studies have shown.

I now enjoy a nibble or two (or three) of coconut oil every day. I even use it on my skin for a lotion. Love it!


  1. awww, thanks! :) I actually included a pretty big chunk of it in the chili I made last night!

    I keep meaning to try it as a lotion, I'll have to give it a whirl!

  2. Regular coconut oil makes a very long lasting lotion, right out of the shower. Lasts all day and is no doubt better for your skin than some of the crazy things they put in regular lotions.

  3. I've actually come to enjoy coconut oil ... even taken by the spoonful.

    I haven't had any the past few weeks but I was using a lot for awhile to see if it might help with brain function.

  4. I have also heard this stuff is great. I need to get some.


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