27 May 2009

glucometer vs diet drinks

true 2 go

I bought a little glucometer yesterday . It was actually $10 at CVS. Plus you get a rebate! It contains everything: lancets, test strips. The machine itself is about as big as a watch. A really big watch. It is called the True 2 go, by CVS. There are 10 test strips included, and CVS sells 50 more strips for $35.

I am not diabetic, but I wanted to see for myself if artificial sweeteners actually raise my blood sugar levels. I performed a medical experiment on myself! (Did I mention that I am a Nurse?)

Before drinking a diet root beer (no caffeine, so if the blood sugar does go up, it won't be from caffeine) I took my blood sugar. It was 67 (that is a little low - but I wasn't sweaty or sick or dizzy - not any more than usual!)

I waited 30 minutes. I took my blood sugar again. It was actually 67 again. (no it wasn't the machine -- it was new and calibrated)

Today, I repeated the experiment, this time with Splenda. Before drinking a beverage made with Splenda, my fasting blood glucose was 74. Thirty minutes later the magic number was 70. How odd. I am the exception to every rule, it seems.

At least I've proven to myself that, for me, artificial sweeteners do not raise my blood sugar levels. And the idea that drinking them makes you hungry, so you'll be tempted to go off your diet, well that's just insane. It was kind of refreshing to have a little somethin'/somethin' !

Another great mystery of life, solved - at least for now.

And a shout-out to Jo for the idea of the glucometer!


  1. Oh, great experiment! I have a friend who always harps on me that Splenda and diet soda makes us crave sugar more and makes our blood sugar spike. I've always thought she was full of beans--now I know. I already knew Spenda didn't make me crave more sugar.

    Last night I woke after sleeping 5 hours. At 11:30 I was way behind on my WW points, so I had...dare I admit this? Two breakfast cookies and 2 cups of chocolate milk with nestles no sugar added chocolate milk powder. Talk about a crazy way to get points in. (11 total) So I was really thrilled with my number this morning.

  2. p.s. you got a fantastic deal! I got the cheapest thing they had, and your cost including strips was fantastic.

    I am very glad I bought mine. As my husband said, I might have spent $60+ dollars, but the information it has provided has been priceless!

  3. Without a doubt. I EASILY spent more than that every week on junk and Cokes! People put out info without really researching it, and the bad thing is WE BELIEVE IT. This is a tool (like a bathroom scale is a tool) that helps me with my goals!

  4. Interesting findings, Anne!

    It's so funny. I'm using the exact same blood sugar monitor to conduct my Luo Han Guo experiment. :-)


  5. Very interesting, I think that some people can't control themselves when they eat sweats and that causes the splurge rather than the artificial sweeteners.

    I have found that in the time I have been off sugar, doing low carb, that my taste buds continue to change, I don't think I can eat a chocolate cake anymore let alone my favorite Ding Dongs hehe they would just be too sweet.

    Many people say don't eat atkins bars. Well, I ate alot of them and in the beginning it was sure alot better than going off plan.

    Anyway I rambled, wish I was in the states so I could pick me up one of those hehe

  6. my big problem with splenda, besides the fact that it gives me weird neurological symptoms, is that it kills off the good bacteria in your intestines while feeding the bad. :( I hope you're taking lots of probiotics! :)

  7. ms v. I read that in your post - yikes to Splenda if it causes such problems! I had never in my adult life had a diet drink until my Low Carb days. It's an occasional indulgence. And yes, I am taking a good probiotic....also info I got from your wonderful post!

  8. http://www.zevia.com

    SO GOOD! and sweetened with stevia & erythritol! :) love it.

    (ok, the lemon lime isn't that great {though my niece really likes it}, and I haven't tried the ginger ale or black cherry yet {though I'm dying to}, but it's still awesome stuff!)


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