29 March 2014

denton attitude burgers

Denton, Texas

Must Be True!

No, thanks!

Sherri and I went to a seminar
On how to take pictures using chin shot selfies

Not really - it was all about Reading!

I guess these are helpful - (not!)
Every class will always have plenty of them

And every cooler is stocked with yogurt and apples and junk
Oh My!

If I had had them, I would have had to have had one of these!
(Check mah grammar, ya'll!)

Pack a lunch when you know the lunch options are likely to suck!
Cheese Sticks, Deviled Eggs, Pork Rinds, DDP for S 
Kombucha for me - a little carby, but they are what I crave now.
Especially that I don't drink wine or (very many) Monsters

I hung out in the break room while she went to classes
Grab a Bite of Butter whilst ya wait, eh?

I gave poor WoolyWilly a face full of Bees

Around Denton
It was a Perfect Spring Day!

Went to a little place where they seated us by the bathroom
In a little hall - and they asked "Was this ok?"
And we thought better of it and left! 
Nobody puts us in the corner!
And went here instead - Lone Star Attitude Burger 

It was loud and fun and full of Texas things

Sherri gets one thing, and I get a different thing
Lamb and Moo, in this case

And we split them (no buns, of course)
So we can always try a little of something else!

The guy next to us even offered us some fries!
Thanks, guy!

A pictorial representation of Jesus laughing 
With famous Texas musicians

A wonderful time was had by all!


  1. Now that looks like a great day!

  2. Looks like a great trip and how smart to take your own food. :)
    Susie in northern NY that just got another 6 inches of snow.

  3. I lived in TX for many years - loved it and miss it still! I always thought Denton was such a sweet little town. Loved the planetarium at the North Texas.

  4. That burger looks so good........ I've been on a deviled kick for weeks now! YUMMM

  5. Love seein' your travels girls!!


  6. Only in Texas will some guy you don't know offer you some of his cheese fries! This was an awesome day. Thanks for going with me to the conference and hanging out for the hour that I was tied up. And giving me feedback on my presentation. And bringing lunch. Wow, you were busy!

  7. Thanks for a glimpse of my alma mater. Class of "81.


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