18 March 2014

a good week

Trying to add more Sausage and Pork

Not just all Beef - all the time

A little Salad for Sherri -

These are Strawberries with Sour Cream 
and Brown Sugar Splenda

We cook together a lot -
Whenever we get a chance

Like so many things, we better enjoy times while we can!
One day at a time, and all that crap

Trader Joe's Irish Bangers for St Patrick's Day
Watch it - these have 5% Rusk -
Which is usually a bread product

Kerry Gold Dubliner Cheese

Cooking for many is harder than cooking for one 

T Bone steaks from the Quarter Side of Beef I bought

Great on the Grill

Out and about - this lady is 89 (?) and still working
And active and happy!

Miss Kathryn with a Yard O' Beef!
Fun times!


  1. Oh my! Your food looks delish and deluxe! Nice work, Miss A!

  2. The sausage looks outstanding! I like it with a little black on the skin!! And that hamburger looks pretty incredible too!

    I'm 3 months into this and I'm minimizing carbs as well - I rarely go over 10% carbs with an average of about 7% daily.

    Love your blog!

  3. Wow - that stove has never seen so much action. It's very glad you are coming over to use it so often now. And cooking is so much more fun with a friend.

  4. This is very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.

  5. A Yard-o-Beef. Hysterical.
    Take good care and have a happy weekend.
    xo jj

  6. That T-bone steak looks fantastic :) i was thinking of what to have for dinner, but that picture just solved it for me :) thank you!


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