15 March 2014

5 years LoCarb

Hmmmm - 5 years?
Make adjustments - or start again?

Right before my weight-loss journey started

My lowest weight 

Up 10 pounds (of the purest muscle) after CrossFit 
And 10 more after that

Ahhh - the Grand Canyon!

And the little lodge I stayed at -
Burned down.....that was half the town of Marble Canyon, AZ!

And Ken, who I went to see in Temecula, CA,
Died suddenly. So it would be a lovely trip,
But not the same. (Still might go.)

And then there is me... 5 years later.
A new job...a new apartment...
New goals - new friends

Same body, though...
I have one that likes to eat sweets, though.
And I have a mind like think I need a "reward"....
A comfort, somehow - or convenience 

I tell myself that treats are for toddlers
Learning things on this planet....
Not so much for Middle-Aged Ladies (like me)
Who should be out doing "middle-aged" things - 

Such as hiking and camping

Even if I can't hike from coast to coast this year 
(No Vacation or Cruise for me this year)
I can at least walk across the street to a little park....
Or any one of 1,000 neighborhoods in DFW....
Meeting people and getting some fitness in!

I guess I AM still learning - 
That weight-loss, for me -
Is all about the maintenance!
And fitness is for life!

Here's to 5 more years!
Onward and Downward!


  1. Congratulation! I've enjoyed reading you the last few years...love the interesting way you have with word & ideas! Glad this year is going better and that extra lbs are muscle! Good luck on all your future endeavors...wishing you another 5 great years & then some!

  2. Congrats Carb Tripper. You are proof that it can be done even at our age.


  3. Happy LoCarbiversary; you are a big help, inspiration, and diversion for me and many many more!

  4. Congratulations! Your tenacity and spirit are uplifting. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  5. congrats...you inspire and support my own efforts at better health :)

  6. Congratulations, Miss A! Fantastic work...onward and downward indeed!

  7. Great job! And yes, maintenance is the hardest part it seems! Still working on it here!

  8. FIVE years! Wow, Anne. It's been a journey but a successful one, I'd say. Keep up the good work.
    xo jj

  9. Congratulations! It's a great journey!


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