01 April 2014

monday night

Monday night cooking with Sherri

Tried some of this - pretty good

Bone Broth is always good

Saved some grilled bones to add and it made the
Broth really dark and good


Found out that Kombucha is not my friend 
and the Carb Count varies greatly!
Probably especially not good to have like 20 liquid carbs at once

So I slept and slept about 20 hours
And that is that!


  1. I am sorry I missed all this delectable food...I could really go for one of the jalapenos! They look so good!!! Nice on the long rest...you deserve it!

  2. Long nights of sleep are the best! What is that cheesy goodness?

  3. Your food looks great. Wow what a long sleep.

  4. That broth looks awesome. I want lessons on that next!

  5. I like GT's Cherry Chia Kombucha. Only 4 g carbs per serving, BUT a serving is HALF a bottle--8 oz. Now I make my own at home via a continuous brewing system. I add dried cherries for a secondary fermentation. My husband is a winemaker and he checked the residual sugar--it's about 4 g per 8 oz. Worth it to have a tasty beverage and lots of probiotics.


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