05 March 2014

marching forth

Portioning food 
Very important to me -
Well worth the time!

Stopped all wine and drinking -
Started taking a Probiotic to help kinda heal the insides
Pretty Low Carb

Good ole KerryGold

Texas is funny - one day  you are on the patio

The next day you are digging out the Leg Warmers
And hoping the roads are (or are not) closed!

Started getting canned items from Walmart.com
Or amazon - cheaper AND they deliver it up the stairs!
Saves a couple of hours shopping.
And saved almost $2 a can! 
If it something you use all the time - why not?

Texans grill in the snow!

Our cooking "classes" are really taking off!

Rib Eye and Salad -
What is not to LOVE about Low Carb?


Nothing is easier than making a Roast
Or Brisket or Pulled Pork

Dinner at Sherri's is always great

These went so fast  - all I got was a wee little bite


Atkins 101 - Berries and Cream

Ordered Full Spectrum Lights for my room

Installed Flux -
Now the computer shows soft lighting in the day
And Brightest lighting at night!

Also some Paleo Style Blue-Blocking glasses -
For that long drive home - where I always wake up -
No matter how sleepy I am at work!


  1. This "dinner at Sherri's" trend is totally working for me! :) You are the best everything - friend, cook, teacher, nurse (when I was sick last week). Thanks for sharing it with me. I'm a lucky girl!

    1. My truest pleasure!
      And no - I am the lucky one!

  2. It's very delicious and healthy! I am feeling a great pleasure!


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