06 March 2014

rick (jelly) roll

Never in my years of LC was I
Gonna eat junk food.
Give me a Steak!
You can have the Potatoes.
Up scale Sweet Potatoes, that is.

Never in all my years of LC was I
Gonna fall off the wagon,
Let myself go - ugh!
You know me butter than that!
Down with the excuses already!

Never want to miss a work out -
Gonna try to walk every day!
Run - maybe - in time...
Around the block - or on the treadmill...
And who among us has never been tempted to
Desert our plans to walk in the rain or snow?
You- Me? Yes and yes.

Never thought I would do without Peanuts!
Gonna throw that stuff out, and
Make little portions of Real Food.
You know, time consuming chores that make you want to
Cry - but don't! It's all good!

Never wanted to say this
Gonna have to face facts...
Say it isn't so!
Goodbye to all the LC junk food!

Never want to have to quit again and make the adjustments...
Gonna have to rethink this -
Tell me - it's all about maintenance. It is
A Lie to believe it won't take work and effort
And sometimes it will
Hurt - but the good kind of hurt
You know - the good kind of change!

Thanks, Rick!


  1. Wow, Anne, that's awesome! My favorite of your musical blogs so far. You are a creative writing genius, and this is just another piece of evidence to that fact! :)

  2. It's great! I love to read this. very informative! Thank you.

  3. Get down with your bad self!


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