13 March 2014

meeting dawn!

A quick check in the mirror -
Yes - my hair is a mess - good!

I got to spend a lovely hour or so with the delightful Dawne!
All the way here from Canada!

So many of us Bloggers have been chatting together 
For nearly 5 years!

I can't wait to travel more and meet more people!

I have met so many wonderful and supportive 
Weight Loss Bloggers and Face Book People  -
I am so glad to be part of a wonderful group!

Have a safe trip back home, Miss Dawne!
Next time I am in Canada,
I would love to visit you!


  1. lol - she said she did not think I was so short!
    Yep - only 5'2"...
    I get that a lot!

  2. Saw your title and thought "I'd like to meet Anne" :) glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  3. Anne - I'm jealous, I live 30 minutes down the highway from her and haven't met her yet.

    Dawne - I was in St. C's today at the book outlet :)

  4. I didn't realise you where a little dinky girl either:) I hope to meet you one day too :)

  5. Loved meeting you, sweet Anne! And Enz - let's do it! It's pretty easy to meet up. :) FB message me and we'll make a plan!


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