01 March 2014

before and after

"Expectations and Reality"
Would be a good title here.
Dropped the Immersion Blender (Stick Blender) 
And it broke into a millions little unusable chunks.
Time to streamline my focus here.
Since it IS an item I use every day.

Um - this pic should be "Future and Now" lol

Finally getting the curtains hung.
Room-Darkening shades  - since I work nights

After much debate back and forth about needing and not needing a microwave -
I finally got one. Welcome to the year 2014.
And little fake plants are nice, too.
I live here - why not touch it up a bit?
Tired of the "dorm room " look - 
The "old, fat dyke who used to live here" look

After nearly 2 years of daily working it -

I have corrected some (not all) of my forward heard posture!
I lay on a pool noodle several minutes a day. 
And do lots of stretching.
Moving bones around is hard work and gave me a constant headache.
Also, I still have much work today - with minute to minute reminders.

ps... this is my neck and some random person's neck.
You can tell it is not my neck because it has a happy face in the brain stem area.
Clearly not mine! (lol)

I have the perfect job - actually.
I work 3 days a week. And two extra Saturdays a month.
Finally settling in - after the Group Home experience.

I love stories where hard work pays off!
Like this patio set.
Now it is a great place to come and sit,
And have a cuppa Bullet Proof Coffee!
Now that the ulcer is all but gone - I just might!


  1. Love all the pics...especially the patio set. The place we moved to is on a lower floor and I think I may just get some patio furniture too...if I do, I will be sure to post a picture.

    So funny that you have a happy face inside...it matches the one on the outside! Do you think there are little dimples in there too? LOL!

  2. Your apartment is very homey. I'll be over to sit on the patio again soon.

  3. Love it!
    Pete O'Neil

  4. I love the transformation! Saw the thread on FB and I wanted to weigh in... I have been back on my probiotic and this is the best one I've found... http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=376926&catid=180678&trxp1=35873&aid=338791 It really REALLY helps keep me regular and without it, I experience IBS-like symptoms. I'm very low carb.

  5. Dang! Sorry about the blender, Anne.
    Love the new patio furniture and rug. It's a lovely spot.
    Glad the ulcer is better!
    xo jj


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