08 March 2014

an update

Hello Bloggers - and others!

I am finally finally finally 
About to start to recover
From the Funk of Late
That I have been in.

I have been at my new job 4 months - 
For almost as long as the Group Home had patients.
Which was all of 5 short months -
Before they closed it down.

So the New Job is giving us Dental and Vision
in our Insurance Packet.
I already have the VA, and I have not been to a Doc for like 20 years.
Except for my GallBladder, and when I broke my arm.
So I took a pass on the Medical part.

I also quit drinking my beloved Wine.
I get offended in it sometimes -
All the things we LC'ers have to "give up"...
And that is not the right mindset.
I mean - giving up crap is an improvement - 
Not a punishment!

So yay!

Still loving my LC and steaks -
What is not to love!

Plus, making all the changes to the apartment
Has really helped me sleep.
That, and Unisom.

A fellow FB friend said that maybe giving up wine is like quitting carbs:
We THINK that carbs will give us energy, 
And it does, a bit, but at a price.
Same with Wine.
We think it will help us sleep.
Maybe not so much!

The new job is on a wellness kick, too!
And now that I am sleeping and working out the kinks of my job,
I am happier and have a ton of energy!

So maybe -just maybe I can hit the trail -
And the little gym at the apartment complex!

I am actually looking forward to it!


  1. So nice to see you blogging! Lots of good news in your post!

    1. Thank you, dear friend!
      The more I blog, the better I do!
      You've always been there for me - thanks!

  2. you sound very up..sounds good.. I worked nights for years and what helped also was a sound machine for white noise..your apartment workout room looks inviting. enjoy

  3. You sound very good! Maybe go sit in the sun and feel the warmth on your face ...revives me!!
    Be well be better


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