06 July 2009

what skinny people really eat

dinner with a regular family

What do skinny people really eat, when no one else is looking? Just a family, or better yet, a person alone?

As a nurse who sometimes visits people in their homes, I can tell you - some of them just don't eat that much.

And sometimes they skip meals -- fasting.
Or they just have a few bites of of something.

What do people of moderate size eat?

I had a heavy friend who called herself "O-BEAST" instead of obese. She ate what ever she wanted to eat. Like I once did.

Some people post actual pics of meals, or descriptions. Sometimes, I don't think anyone could just eat what they eat, and live.

We probably don't need NEARLY as much food as we think!


  1. I would say that's very true.

    However, my sister and older brother were always skinny and they packed away waaay more food than myself and my younger brother.

  2. Finding out exactly how much food you do need takes some practice. It requires the observational skills of a private detective at times ... but it's worth it. When the mind and body communicate properly, it's a beautiful thing. That's when life feels effortless/natural, me thinks.

  3. Perhaps it has something to do with aging, or activity, or being happy and healthy in the first place.

  4. i think it surprises us how much food we DON'T need . . .

  5. I watched a skinny girl at the office eat lunch when we brought in sandwiches for a work-thru-lunch meeting. She did the craziest thing I've ever seen: she opened a bag of chips and didn't eat every single one. I'm not talking about a Costco bag; I'm talking a regular teeny-tiny 2-serving bag. She didn't eat them all! What in God's name was she thinking?

  6. I agree completely. I'm one of those people who just can't eat a lot if I expect to lose weight. It sucks, but it is what it is. My stomach has actually adjusted and now if I were to eat like I used to, I'd be sick.

  7. Oh, so true. If I'm not paying attention to what I'm eating while I'm eating it, I turn shoveling food into a great cardio workout - but not even close to being enough to work off the chow-down.

  8. i've often gazed with wide eyes of wonderment on those people with the abilitly to leave food on thier plate. what mysterious majik do they use to be so controlled??? :)

  9. My family ranges from super skinny to super sized-- There is no rhyme or reason to what we eat or how much anyone gains. I wish I knew the answer but I'm guessing we'd all be better off if we ate healthier!

  10. I was at a skinny friend's and she exclaimed she was starving, so I am thinking "Yay...feast!!". She get a small bowl of a broth type soup with a few morsels of veggies and maybe 1/2 ounce of meat. I am talking about a cup of soup...8 ounces or so. That was when I realised my portions were WAY out of control.

  11. I am amazed watching my sisters-in-law eat. A Pepsi for breakfast, maybe a sandwich and a couple chips for lunch, or else they skip it altogether, and for dinner, half a chicken breast and tiny bit of side dish. Maybe a couple bites of salad.

    The rest of the time they eat candy, cookies, etc. Candy is always being popped into their mouths. These three are so skinny their nicknames are the skeletor sisters. Not how I want to eat. They're the only skinny people I know well enough to watch them eat.

  12. I also have a sister inlaw that lives off of candy and picles. She rarely eats a real meal and her children are the same way..give them pickles and pickled asparagus and they are happy.

    Growing up I used to eat 2 large pizzas bymyself.. and it was not unheard of for me and my friends to down 4 or 5 Big macs at a time..LOL
    But after high school my activity level dropped to near nothing.. work, work... and I found I could no longer eat as much... Even though I cut the quantity of food consumed... I did become obese and it was not so much the quantity but the quality and timing if the food I ate.

    Many times I am asked.. Aren't you hungry.. or is that really all you eat?? The difference now is that with the quality of food that I eat in my diet that I no longer crave certain foods or I am satisfied with smaller portions.. I also believe it is good to get hunger pains.. REAL hunger pains to let you know that your body needs fuel.. I mean I probably got hunger pains for the first time in 13 years when I started my diet chage in January. o.O I rambled..SOrry hehe

  13. When I started eating consciously and more slowly, I started hearing the full signal. Faintly, but still, it was there. And I realized just how little I can eat at one sitting. If I get hungry an hour or two later, that's OK. I'm learning to eat when I'm truly hungry and stopping when I'm full (not stuffed).

    BTW, my late mother-in-law, who was extremely skinny for most of her life, ate one real meal a day, around 5 p.m. The rest of the day, she adhered to the major food groups: caffeine, nicotine, sugar...She died in her bed at 82 of a heart attack. Not that old, not that young.


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