25 July 2009

my old addiction

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Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song

My old addiction
Changed the wiring in my brain
So that when it turns the switches
Then I am not the same

So like the flowers toward the Sun
I will follow
Stretch myself out thin
Like there's a part of me already buried
That sends me out into this window

My old addiction
Is a flood upon the land
This tiny life boat can keep me dry
But my weight is all that it can stand

So when I try to lean just a little
For a splash to cool my face
Ahh that trickle turns out fickle
Fills my boat up five miles deep

My old addiction
Makes me crave only what is best
Like these just this morning song birds
Craving upward from the nest
These tiny birds outside my window
Take my hand to be their mom
These open mouths would trust and swallow
Anything that came along

Like my old addiction
Now the other side of Day
As the springtime of my lifestyle
Turns the other way

If a swan can have a song
I think I know that tune
But the page is only scrawled
And I am gone this afternoon

Lyrics by David Wilcox
Also covered by kd lang

Something for a lazy Sunday! Push play to listen along. Push reload if it messes up. :)


  1. A new smiley Anne pic!

    so weird ... my post is 'addictive' as well ... in a kinda/sorta way.

    the song is perfect for the pitter-pattering of rain outside.

    enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hust letting you know you might want to check my post on friday. I wrote something about you. enjoy tomorrow.

  3. great pic annh! this song is an ode to rice crispy treats isnt?

  4. Love the new pic and the song.

  5. I ADORE David Wilcox! Got to see him a couple of times in concert ... first time front row, then again in a small coffee house type setting where everyone was just kinda hanging out. He's as awesome in person as he is musically :)

  6. Ooooh, I love the KD Lang version (I <3 KD Lang), but this is lovely too.

    Loving your new pic - you are looking so impish, plotting new wittisisms, I imagine!

  7. Love the pic, the song and the new low!!


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