05 July 2009

popsicle day

new things to try

Philly Swirl is a frozen popsicle treat I found at Sam's Club. They come in cherry, orange and/or blueberry. 14 calories per serving.

These yummy, low-fat, low-carb, popsicle treats are sweetened with Splenda. They were first on the list of new things I tried this summer.

To make sure they passed the taste test, I handed them out to the neighborhood "kids" of all ages. The results were unanimous - Two thumbs up! Great after a rousing game of bingo, or anytime you crave a little frozen goodness!

The next item that has recently appeared on your grocer's shelves is True Lemon and True Lime. They come in powdered form, like in a salt shaker. I found mine at Kroger's in the spice area. They are just dried fruits. Great for sprinkling on salads, fish, or chicken. I even made lemonade with a little Stevia for an instant treat. They are handy, too. Fresh is always better, but fresh fruits can be hard to keep "fresh" sometimes!

And of course, the ubiquitous Chia Seeds, which continue to be a real treat, especially if you intend to run with ancient Aztec warriors into battle anytime soon. One spoon full is all they needed to go for 24 hours!

People like the chia seeds. No taste - more filling! Plus, they are a SUPER FOOD of sorts. They MUST be catching on... Whole Foods once sold them as a spice - now they have them in bulk by the barrel-full!

What other products do you enjoy that didn't even exist 6 months ago?


  1. Well, I recently tried out a type of South American seed called Sacha Inchi. It's also a variety of "superfood" - high in protein, omega-3s and fiber. It tastes more like a nut than a seed when roasted however.

    I also tried eating some raw cacao beans this past week. Interesting. Real chocolate can be very healthy and it doesn't get any more real (unprocessed) than this.

    Thanks for sharing the cool things you've been trying. I enjoy reading about them!

  2. Now I want to try those things! Harry - YOUR blog is the coolest when it comes to trying new things!

  3. I have been hearing about the Chia seeds and I would like to try then. I'm a seed/nut kinda girl. And act like a nut sometimes too! LOL

    Hope you had a good 4th :)

  4. new things? well this is going to sound stupid, but for the first time in my life today i slow cooked a cheap beef roast. turns out the pc is right, if you cook an inexpensive roast for about 12hrs on low in the cooker, reduce the juice in a pan on the stove, shred the roast up, reincorporate the sauce, combine garlic and onion powder... walla, low carb heaven without all the expense. been watching jimmy moores menu and im going for the low carb GOLD! HEHE

  5. Wish i could get true lemon or true lime here :(
    New things?? Chia seeds, green tea, veggie sausages, using only egg whites, Yerba mate tea send from a friend in paraguay :)

  6. Since I picked up my VitaMix blender, we've been trying all sorts of new things, and new combinations. Most of them have been fantastic (NyQuil smoothie... not so much).

  7. In Nursing school, someone frosted a cake with chocolate EXLAX. Or maybe that was an urban legend!

  8. Gee Jack, I really like the NyQuil smoothies. :)
    The Arnold's Sandwich Thins are my new thing. I have begun eating them in the morning as breakfast pizza. Also the soy noodles that came highly recommended in the cookbook "200 under 200". They turned out to be a lovely surprise. I certainly hadn't heard of either of these 6 mo. ago. And I already told you about my new love of the Chia seeds.

  9. Oh, I would like that True Lemon. We put lemon in our water often, and that would be nice to have around.

    I'm going to have to check my small-town store for Chia seeds.

    I get so green with envy when everyone talks about Whole Foods. My dad and I would eat lunch there, they made amazing pizza. lol We don't have anything like that where I live, though. It's too bad.

  10. Thanks for the great food tips! I'm going to try them all although not at the same time. ;)

  11. I got into Quinoa recently. I think that's from the Incas. The chia would be a real compliment then. LOL I intend to try them.

    Non food item - I am trying an organic kitty litter. We'll see what the cats say about it. I like that it's 1/2 the weight of the regular.

  12. I've added quinoa to my diet recently too. I have also recently added clams to diet because of their iron and B12 content, and a decent amount of omega-3's too.

  13. Well the Green Monster Smoothie hit my blender a few days ago and I am HOOKED!
    I tried quinoa for the first time earlier this year but aren't eating it quite as often as I like. It's so new I forget about it.
    All- Natural Protein powder ~~ NO additives, preservatives, colours, flavours or sweeteners of ANY kind. Nekkid. Can add my own stuff & I like that. It's the LeanFit brand.
    You definitely have my curiosity peaked about the Chia seeds.
    I chatted with a slim 60-ish woman at the Dr's office recently ... she *forgets* to eat. Food is hardly ever on her mind ~ it's simply a necessity not an obsession. I'd like to get to that place.

  14. I'm on the hunt for those popsicles! They sound great for a hot day. Thanks for the info.


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