04 July 2009

chia seeds demo

yummy, good for ya Chia seeds

Yummy yummy Chia Seeds demo. It's a "Double Dog Dare!"

I just drink them. No recipe, just water....and a straw.

This is my first video post - my debut! I'm too shy to do many more. Forgive the poor quality video.

Here's some info from Wikipedia on Chia seeds.

I think they are alot like flax. Each serving has about 3 grams of Omega 3 . But for me, it's good to "mix it up" - chia for a few days, flax for a few days...


  1. Well, No One can pass up a Double Dog Dare! That's as serious as a Pinkie Swear!

    I'll have to find out who carries these Chia Seeds.

    Oh come ON, now ... are there NO limits to your talents??? Your resume expands by the post.

    LOVE the sound effects! too funny :)

  2. I usually put them in my green monster :) Sometimes i put them and flax in, just call me wild!!

  3. Forgot to say and definitely a double dog dare!!

  4. So, you've yet to say, other than they are very good for you, do you like the taste of them? Or, do you just down the hatch in water?

  5. The **perfect** music selection!

  6. I agree, that was a great music selection!

  7. glippity glop music, me likes.

    i wonder could you wize those seeds up in a majic bullet to smooth them out? are they bulky tasting?

  8. Heavens no - they taste great! Really, they have virtually no taste at all! Unlike flax, which tastes like freshly mown grass. (Depends on who you ask.)
    The ONLY thing is this: they turn to "gel" very fast, because they absorb 7 - 12 times their weight in water! Hence the straw!
    I also mix them in protein shakes.
    Two thumbs up AND a double dog dare!

  9. And refreshing too, I assume??

    Loved the music.

  10. I loved the soundtrack myself. Wanted to say thanks for all your insightful comments. I look forward to them.

    I don't think I will try the seeds, sorry.

    Something I like now that I didn't know about 6 months ago would have to flatbread....I love it! It's better then sliced bread..lol.

  11. GREAT sound effects!!!!!! But still not sure I could drink the seeds :-(


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