11 June 2019

going fast

As much as I love wine 
I love sleep more. 
It might help you relax,
But it keeps me awake. 

Big winds. Big tree fell. 

I think it was lightning. 

It was pulverized. 

Cancún Air BnB 
$20, $30, $40 a night 
Gets you a would-be mansion! 

This Dental Vacation 
Looks better every minute. 

Snakesd but caved. 
Scrambled Eggs. 
With Cheese. 

Curious, but they no likey. 

They want a torn up box instead! 


OK. The planning and dreaming phase is done. 
I am also 100% carb free
No cravings, no distractions,
No cheat bites. 

Carb Tripper
No longer Diabetic. 
Chose to be Low Carb
Just for the health benefits. 

It’s like a former pot smoker 
Who still abstains
Even after it’s legal. 
Just what’s best for us. 
Sugar is not my fried.  
It took a year to gain 5 pounds. 
Pretty much sampling 
All kinds of forbidden foods. 
They didn’t raise my blood glucose 
Like they did before. 

That’s a good diloto have! 

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