31 August 2014

weekend off

Kinda keeping up the water and the food...
Got some blood word done at Direct Labs (link)
This will be a "before"  I clean up my LC woe
(Way Of Eating)

Gratuitous Pictures of Clouds

Now comes Labor Day Weekend

Gratuitous pictures of Food

Chili's has a new kiosk that might need some tweaking

Off to find an office chair - for Sherri's new desk
It is a few inches taller - this is a drafter's chair

Can't take me anywhere!

So after decades of working every evening and weekend,
I find myself in the oddly curious position 
Of being home by 5 most nights,
And having weekends, AND Holidays off!
AND I get almost double the pay.
And no one yells at me.
What to do!!
Better run off and enjoy it for a while!


  1. Food, glorious food! Love those big, fluffy clouds. Try not to get into too much trouble with all the time and money on your hands!

    1. lol - not so much money... just feels good to have my first real raise in over 20 years!
      Now I can at least keep up with a Teachers low pay... and not have to work 2 or 3 jobs.

  2. Just wonderin' do you have any hobbies ?

    1. Blogging!
      And walking - which I can't wait to get back into!

  3. Can never get enough pictures of gratuitous clouds...or food. Thanks!

  4. I'm still dizzy from spinning around in that chair. I ordered one that has a more adjustable range. Can't wait for it to get here!


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