31 August 2014

resting and eating

Take a cooler when you know you are going to the store!

Chillin ' -
It's not just for Nerds anymore.

Wow - look at that 

Anyone know what this is?

Anyone? Anyone?
I know... but this is a test.

Enjoy them while we have a chance

I like the Purple Onions for salad
 Don't know why... just do.

Sherri has full command of the kitchen now!
Celtic Sea Salt is the best -
On the Mystery Veggie
 (Give up? Have you guessed yet?)

Selected Choice, Primarily

 Gilled for sure

Fried Sautéed  Mushrooms and Onions 
With a dash of Worcestershire Sauce

The Roasted "Things" 
Can also be grilled.....
Give up? It's Broccolini! (link)
All on the plate.
Thanks, Sherri et all.... 

 A wonderful time was had by all!

I have slept 14 + hours a night for nearly two weeks!
And finally feel caught up!
So now - back to work 
With cooler temps? 


  1. I just sat outside and created a pool underneath me. It is about one million degrees here today, but the trees are starting to change.

  2. Ah you figured it out! Broccolini is very good roasted or sauteed with olive oil & garlic! Yours looks perfect!

    1. Sherri had these! And they were great!

  3. Felt proud of myself that I could introduce Carb Tripper to something she hadn't had before! Love that broccolini. My favorite way is with olive oil and sea salt and thrown on the grill. The tops get a little crispy crunchy. And yes - thanks to Anne, I can find my way around my kitchen pretty well now!

  4. love broccolini here in nyc old hat girlfriend :)


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