07 August 2014

gardin' of eatin'

*Oh gosh - They see me*

"Hey Lady - What 'Cha Doing?"

Oh -Hia
I am a Nurse and I am doing my rounds!
*What the bleep do I look like in these scrubs, eh?*

"Come have a look at my plants and flowers!"
*Scoff - As if I have the time*

"Come have a seat!"
*Ummm....Thanks, I'll stand....*

"I painted the bench and planted all this!"
*Wait ... What? YOU did this?*

*And THIS?*

"I don't need the wheelchair any more -
So I turned it into a planter!"

So I take 5 minutes and sit with them....
And chat... and make every effort to remember their names....
And who knows - might have just made someone's day -
Someone like me!

Best. Therapy. Ever!

*True Story* Google People*


  1. Anne, I firmly believe you improve the life of everyone who comes into contact with you.

  2. You're exceptional, Anne, purely exceptional. Love this post with its mix of humor, compassion and perspective. Without directly saying it, you clearly illustrated the importance of being aware and present and not missing beautiful opportunities to interact with fascinating people. You're enriched by the experience and they're likely overjoyed with the interaction. So beautiful.

  3. Hope you enjoy this:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qiAOMXNdgY - :) :))




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