17 August 2014

working around the place day

Country driving

Round Up and Candy.. same aisle

Working on some projects with Sherri


Double Double Protein Style

A lady came up and asked what we were eating...
She was cutting back on Gluten - 
So... the word is finally getting out there!


Hebrew National Hot Dogs, 
Fried In Butter.
With Onions. And Cheese.
Fried Cheese.



  1. Every time you show pix from In-N-Out I want one! They look so good. Don't think we have them in New England. I do something similar with hot dogs-cut 'em up in a plate melt some cheese then sprinkle some mustard & relish-yummy, who needs a bun!

  2. Smile, we're on candid camera! (Ron Chapman of KVIL fame used to say, "Live your life like you're on camera because you probably are." Very true.) Awesome day, my friend. Thanks for the help on the project. Let's do it again this weekend! I'll buy the burgers. Yum!

  3. Burgers and hot dogs. Sweet combo! I was able to BBQ this week while I was away and made sure to do both…steak and hot Italian sausage too…and pork chops. So nice!


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