20 August 2014

too busy

Wants to rain - can't

Sherri cooked this!

Bach off, Offenbach

The things you see whilst driving around

So busy these days -
Had to see if I forgot my pants or shoes!

Trucky in the shade

Stopped for lunch

One Nurse in on vacation.
And another Nurse just up and quit.
I am trying to see everyone I can.
Not sure why this is my problem.
I told the Boss I can't do it all - and drive.
Some days I spend 4 or 6 hours driving!
More time driving than seeing patients.
That is not good!

So the Boss gets out and sees patients!
That is what a Manager should do.
The difference between a Manager and a Supervisor.
Get up off your butt and help the "little people."
Thanks, Boss!

Leftover Scramble
Thanks, Sherri!


  1. I love the home care visit--and hate the home care driving!

  2. Glad you have a better boss with this job!

  3. lol - I sleep all night and get twice the pay with no one calling me a Effing Bee.....
    So I reckon I don't mind driving around a bit to earn my keep!
    I think I drove almost 200 miles today... Thanks, Trucky!

  4. Trucky rocks! And so do you, Miss A!


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