14 August 2014

saga of trucky

WheelChairs and Walkers and Rollators 
And Frozen Veggies

Simple is still best.
Boring - but best!

Driving around
Looking for a place to cool off and walk ...
And maybe find a Lady's Room?
(oops tmi?)

Have to try it

Accidentally went into the Men's Bathroom
Moral of the story --
Don't text and walk around WalMart!

Hair cut

Mundane and kinda routine stuff -

Drinking Some Electrolytes 
I think I had a mild heat injury last week

I think there was a mass exodus at work because 
It is just too darned hot for some of the older Nurses
To be out driving around and seeing patients!

Le Trucky had a problem with the heat last week
Minor repairs for a Grande Dame of a Truck

First time cooking at home for about a month

I sautee the Green Beans and put a weight on them
In this case, a pan filled with water -
I love them that way! Kinda Sizzly


  1. The weight is a good idea on the beans-I like to saute them in bacon fat/butter mixture-yum!
    My son just bought some bacon jerky & loved it! I find that most packaged jerky has a lot of sugar in it though. :(

  2. Hoping it cools down soon. You and trucky will both be better off!

  3. Miss A…have you been forgetting to chug-a-lug?…keep on drinking that water!


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