01 September 2014

a sauce is not a sauce is not a sauce

Here's another test.
This is Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. (link)

From the web site

Some people like just meat.
I like a little dash of sauce. For flavor.
This has 1 carb and uses Sugar.
The "natural" ingredient is probably Soy. 
Might be Anchovy something.
Note to self:  write and ask them.
I'll get back to you!

This is French's Worcestershire Sauce. (link)
Probably a dollar cheaper. But the Fructose is not good!

From the website.

Same amount of carbs.
But the ingredients are everything!
If you go through a few big bottles of sauce or dressing a year,
It might be wise to slowly upgrade to the good stuff!
The one with no Corn Syrup. 
For the sake of your health.


  1. Can I just say the photo of you eating cheese on the side, is hysterical? Every time I come to your blog I see that and cannot stop laughing, fried cheese! haha Ok, I will be waiting to see which Worcestershire sauce to buy!


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