01 November 2012


More Hebrew Nationals, please!

A Nurse friend and I took some un-used, left-over medical supplies 
and donated them to a free clinic, after the family member died.

So she took me out to a private country club for lunch.

The food was good and the mood was casual.
I had Salad and this Poblano Pepper Soup

Her plate was pretty fruity!
She is on a diet, too, and every time she goes out,
she always gets a to-go box.

I usually try to wiggle out from going to new places
But this time I was very relaxed, and even looked forward to it!

I got everything done that I needed and wanted to get done this week.
Clothes switched out for winter, oodles of staple items stashed away
(but not TOO much stuff!) 
And I have had plenty of time to think! Thinking and planning.
And resting. I slept in a few days and it was wonderful!

Brisket with Garam Masala and butter

Chili with cottage cheese 

I was driving home from doing errands all day, 
and I saw all kinds of people out walking... 
All kinds of families with kids! Way past dark! WTH?
Then I remembered - Halloween!
I wanted to go as Penny Marshal...
but I could not do the accent!


  1. People should get out more with thier kids. I moved from a tourist area to an inland city and I miss people being outside all the time, walking dogs, biking, jogging, metal detecting. Its fun when it isnt just holidays.

  2. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! :) You make a cute Penny Marshal.

  3. Lunch out!! Awesome. Not many kids here last night but the weather was also pretty nasty.

  4. I didn't dress up this year. I just wasn't in the mood I guess with all that is going on. Maybe by next year I will be back to goal and happy.


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