18 November 2012

a peaceful day (finally)

LoCarb Chili - 

Thanks, Becky - I made a double batch! 

Birthday bash food

All kinds of food - 

LoCarb HiFat is a very rich diet,
And I am seldom - if ever - hungry!

Lots of soup and stew - yum!

Lots of tea - not much coffee...

I have finally come to terms with the idea 
That I can not have the carbs I want - and eat them too! 
It only took nearly 4 years of wrapping my mind around it. 
Actually, I always knew it... 
It just took me this long to be ok with it!

Been Lazing around - watching You Tube videos,
And getting myself all sorted out....
After such a wild summer of working two jobs!

When you are short like me (5'2")
And older like me (52)
Even 5 pounds shows up (gain or loss)
And I am finally done lamenting that fact, too!
So - yay!

Lab work scheduled for Monday (manana)
To see what my summer indulgences did to me!
I am thinking a little Fructose (wine) might up the triglycerides.
I have had a few high blood glucose readings, too.
Might be stress, or even defective strips.
We shall see!


  1. Rest, meditation, re-affirmations are important. It is what is. Good luck mynanya!

  2. Good luck with your tests!! Although they won't measure awesomeness you'd get an A+

  3. I like what spunkysuzi said! You are awesome.

  4. There is a street near where I used to live called "Bossy Boots Dr." I always tell my husband I want to live there! Lazy Acres would be great, too. Or maybe I need to find Lazy Bossy Circle.

    1. We have a Bossy Boots Drive, too -
      Nearby in Allen, Tx!

      And then there is the corner of Easy Street and Action Street -
      Right here in good ol' Garland, Tx!

      Fun stuff!

    2. Yeah, that's it, in Allen! I live in Mckinney now.

  5. Can't wait to hear about your results, my lab is scheduled for Jan. and I am curious to see how the high fat effects my blood test. I have brought my A1C from 11.9 down to 7.2 following lo carb, high fat... so that's a good thing.
    Good Luck,


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