30 November 2012

bois d' arc

Remember that house I was loving and waiting on?
A couple of days ago, the house went into foreclosure.
And it is due to be sold on the courthouse steps...
Like some kind of scoundrel.

See that uneven round thing that looks like a tree stump? 
Well, it IS a tree stump. From a Horse Apple Tree...
AKA Bois d'Arc... pronounced "Bo-Dark" or "Bo-Dock"

Well, back around the late 1800's Bois d'Arc was all the rage.
This wood is said to get harder and more stable with age.
It is termite proof, too.
And so it was used in house construction.
But you hardly ever see in in houses built past 1920 ish.
They made the piers that are now usually made of concrete.
This is the foundation of the house I put a bid in.
The whole house rests on these short little stumps!
I kinda sorta crawled up under there myself and looked...

I was pretty sad.... actually!
I had not had any interest in any kind of house 
Since the horrid fiasco I had with my house in 2005.
(I was cleaned out 3 times, and vandalized..)
The taxes from that house time are still not resolved. 

When I am upset, I just don't eat.
I think I had a few bites of bacon and some fat bombs.
I slept about 14 hours, and that was that.
Went shopping today, to stock up on some good things...

Who knows... the house deal - might be a good thing.
Just a disappointing thing.

These are fat bombs.... Butter and coconut oil
with maybe a drop of flavour  - helps LC people
get into ketosis... and mades a great snack!

A smile. That is all.... just a smile!


  1. I had a bid on the house for 4 months...
    It has been vacant all this time...
    Now people are kicking the doors in
    and breaking the glass... very sad...

  2. Oh Anne, that is very sad. Sad and frustrating.

    Hmm. When I'm upset, I tend to eat everything in sight! Your response is healthier!

    You look great in that photo, by the way.

    1. Thanks, Judith!
      I can't take credit for my not-wanting to eat
      as a response to stress. Food just tastes nasty,
      and I have no appetite at all...what-so-ever.
      Maybe even just a little nauseous...even still!

  3. Anne, just be sure that the house actually sold to a new occupant, it is very possible that the bank bought it or an invester, either way it may still be available... this info should be available at the county clerk or the real property tax office...or whatever Texas calls it. Track down the owner by finding out where the property tax bill is sent. Don't walk away yet!


  4. What Brigitte said, thier not going to just let that house sit there if they can make profit off a sale.

  5. if you still have the same cell# as you did during the cruise, I could give you a call sometime and catch up.

  6. Wow, Anne, that could be very cool! I love that you know about the trees and the wood and that you actually took a look under the house. My fingers are crossed for you. As they say, if it's meant to be...

    xoxo jj


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