30 October 2012

chili today

I can - and do eat just about the same thing everyday

For being such a Bitch, I sure can be LoMaintenance at times!

If someone told me a year ago - 
That I would like tea over coffee -
I would have not listened... but it is true - I do!

Took Dear Trucky back - 
There was a missing bolt that was making the head light
go all around. I almost had to get into it with the guy
to convince him to replace the bolt. I came in here with it -
I won't leave without one. I guess that makes me a biotch.

Driving all around town, getting things done

I have never been more busy - ever...
Not even in Basic Training did I work as hard as now.
And frankly, people of normal weight 
have cycles of gain and loss -
I guess it's all about priorities!

So I am enjoying a couple of weeks "off"....
But still working only one full time job.

Can't see her, but this is a person. 
I checked to see if she was breathing - 
She was!

"And in corner, weighing five pounds more than she'd like...." 

"Ready to head back?"
Both from old New Yorker magazines!
Fun stuff!


  1. Me too Anne...Tea and water are my ONLY drinks :) I love the simplicity of our foods, and the fact that I crave meat and don't mind having the same thing every day just because it tastes SO damned good!

  2. Never thought of you as a Bitch!
    Nah :)
    You're just low carb Anne!! Super nurse.

  3. I love lipton tea, diet: cherry dr pepper, cherry coke zero, cherry pepsi, big red zero, ......on my soda stream i love diet: grapefruit, cran-rasberry, energy jizz, mountian dew knock off.......I need to drink more H2O!..........nahhhhhh.

    1. soda stream rocks the house!
      you can make a marinade from the DP and root beer that will rival any on the market!

  4. It's easy to eat the same thing every day when it's Chili, can't get enough!


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