04 November 2012

save the ta ta's!

Whilst out for my walk today,
I happend by the Susan B Komen walkers!

Everyone was "whooping" and hollering...
and I even got a few sweaty hugs!

Everyone was more than happy to let me take their pic!

Posing in traffic!

Having a great time!

Angel wings everywhere today!

Summer like temps here in Dallas -
Great day for a good cause

It's all fun and games till someone falls in Turtle Creek!

Bra and Bro

Something fun to share - 
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. lol.... I ran across 8 lanes of traffic and climbed up a boulder to get the two angel's pic!
    They laughed and laughed at me!

  2. :) It is very important to take care of them. I went for my boob smoosh this year!

  3. OH HOW I LOVE that first photo...

  4. Sport is the better way to be happy :) I must do the same thing as you. :)


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