06 November 2012

headache day

Still on a hot-dog kick....

I guess that is ok... they are a good quality dog

Make a big pot of bone broth (or beef stew)
Every week, now that it is cooler outside...
Broth goes great with pork rinds!

This is my new broth stock pot.
16 quart Belgique from Macy's...
Nearly half off!

Autumn in North Texas.... lasts about a week!

Blood sugar all over the map... the cookie cure!
Cheap trick, but one of the oldest in the book...
It really only makes it worse.
Ended up with a 2 day headache vs migraine...

I have often said that I am not a purist...
Even in the realm of LC... but it might be time 
to re-examine that concept....

Stocked up on some meat and things.
I have this unshakeable sorrow lately
that I can't shake off - or explain.
Might be work related.... might be the elections.
Might be that I am finally coming to terms with the fact
that my body can not eat certain kinds of foods any more - 
No - not even a little bit.... or a little bite - 
Without that puffy water - and weight gain.
Crying face
When ever I get sick for the past 3 years,
People blame it on Atkins. Got a cold?
I TOLD you so!
Stump my toe? Atkins!
Bad hair day? LoCarb is bad fer ya!
Disappointed smile
What about the mounds and folds of fat and skin
I carried around for years? They can't wrap their
Gluten eating minds around it.
Sad smile


  1. Come to think of it, neither can I!

  2. This is a hard journey and even though people try really hard to form fit everyone into a mold, we are all different and we all have to find what works for us. The important thing is to love yourself and life, enough to keep finding the right way for us and then just keep doing it. I think what happens is we forget, we begin to feel incredibly awesome and we let "badness" sneak back in. BIG MISTAKE!
    from your Canadian Friend xx

  3. I just wish we all could stop policing each others food. What works for you is none of my business and vice-versa, right?

    1. I agree, but it is so hard to watch people who haven't found "what works for them" and keep my mouth shut. They usually just dismiss my advice anyway as, "I just could never do that"! Those who think it's all "willpower" need to listen.

  4. Sweet stock pot!
    We should just do the best we can.

  5. I been sad lately too, the elections have the air so thick here in more rural tx you can cut it with a knife. Ppl dump on my politics , dump on my ummm, non-married status, dump on my diet....now x- mas is coming up with all the candies, cookies, cakes , alcohols,,,, during this season low carb is not welcome. Just keep a beach motiff in your xmas decorations to remind you springtime will be here soon and the sins of the seasons will be BARED!!!! lol

  6. I recently cut on the wheat. I didn't lose much weigh - just 6 pounds in 2 months but I feel great. In fact just like you I eat hot dog, burger but without the bun and I feel full with much less.

  7. Nice post, your stock pot is really amazing, you smartly prepared for the journey, just wish you luck.
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