03 November 2012

in de kitchen

Guess what I am going to try today!
Spend some time in de kitchen
Cooking up some LC goodness!

Made a batch of Oopsie Rolls!
Here's the link to Your Lighter Side - 
and recipe (link)

I also made a batch of Dr Atkin's Revolution Rolls.
Both are yummy!

Made a couple of batches of chili

Some beef broth

Some bone broth

Just because it says it is FUD,
It is not always true!

And here's me.... looking like I have escaped from Alcatraz.
Nope - just from Fat-a-traz!
Stay safe and warm and dry, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to make them again, Jamie!
    I think I'll get better and better at cookie as time goes by!

  2. A busy day in the kitchen! Love the photo, Anne. You look great.

  3. PS: seriously, a food-like product and it's called FUD? I wonder what assortment of chemicals is in it!


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